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Welcome to Drury Tea & Coffee

At Drury we have over seventy five years experience in blending fine quality teas and roasting the world's finest gourmet coffees. Originally called Olmi Brothers Tea we were established in central London in 1936, but changed our name a decade later, taking inspiration from our headquarters in Drury Lane. We remain a family-owned business offering some of the very best teas and coffees available in the UK for both the caterer and retail customers.

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As a specialist uk coffee roaster

Drury Coffee Roastingwe can supply a huge variety of coffees, both beans and ground. Our espresso range alone features sixteen different blends and we have many more blends and originals for filter, cafetière and grocery sales. Our central London roastery features modern production methods coupled with traditional levels of expertise and care. All our coffees are slowly roasted for maximum flavour, and we ensure that they reach our customers at the peak of freshness.

We also stock espresso machines, coffee makers and accessories and can offer expert advice on espresso, cappuccino and all aspects of coffee service.


As a Traditional Tea Blender

Drury Tea Blendedwe have the experience to supply a large and varied range of leaf teas and tea bags. Black, green, herbal or flavoured, from our finest English Breakfast to our renowned Earl Grey, with well over 100 different leaf teas and a complementary range of tea bags, we believe we produce something for every palate. Our expertise allows us to keep abreast of the latest trends and movements in the world of tea and our in-house brokerage can source almost any tea from anywhere in the world - we have a team of three tea-tasters on site to offer professional advice on all aspects of tea brewing and production.



Our sister company, The Coffee Machine Company, is the sole UK importer of Rancilio espresso machines, further information can be found on our Espresso Machines and Links pages.

Drury supplies tea and coffee uk wholesale, retail, by mail order and exports worldwide.


Espresso Machines

Rancilio now manufactures 4 models with various features. auto frothing, tall machines & temperature surfing . . . .
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Tea & Tea Bags

Have a look at our wide selection of loose leaf teas & tea Bags, bot for the home market and commercial. . . .
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Freshly Roasted Coffees

17 Espresso blends and a wide range of original coffees roasted freshly in our London roastery . . .
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Shopping On-line

Go to our dedicated mail order web site www.shopdrury.com See our wide range of teas and coffees.