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The Acute Need For Foreign Degree Evaluation

There has always been felt a need to have a body for foreign degree evaluation process that is transparent as well as within easy reach of most foreign educated persons.  This is because with the large number of foreign degrees that are being used by the locals, it soon became evident that a need is there to evaluate and bring these degrees to a common assessment platform.  There are a number of plus points that a proper evaluation process gives to the assessed.

foreign degree evaluation The main points in a foreign degree evaluation

There are a few pertinent points that need to be addressed while getting to choose a good degree evaluation service.

  • Affordability: It is important that the service offered is affordable as an expensive service would only take the offering out of reach of most applicants. Since most people being evaluated would be aiming to make an entry into the work force or just making an entry into higher education, the service must not be so priced that it puts an unnecessary strain on their services.
  • Comprehensive: That the service offered must be able to take care of the requirement of the good majority of applicants. It must be seen as a one stop solution to the evaluation process and the customers must not be required to have additional agencies to deal with.
  • Authorization: The certifying and evaluating body must have the authority to issue evaluation reports and thus should be accepted by a good number of participants that get to use the service. It must not be that clients must take the service or advise of additional bodies to have their certification done.
  • Competency: With the right composition of the body, it is possible to bring about an expertise in the field that helps genuine people that get to use the service. It is important people that have exposure in foreign educational systems are used in the evaluation process that gives a fair bit of acceptability to the whole system.
  • Balanced: The evaluation process must be balanced enough to consider all the factors that go to making a whole education. There must not be left grey areas that needs filling in by other bodies or persons.  The service must be a one stop solution to the needs and requirements of degree evaluation.

foreign degree evaluation

The need for an evaluation body

With the increased globalization of society it is not that rare to find someone who has studied or pursued courses outside the home country.  This is where a degree evaluation body comes to play, to evaluate and bring to par the qualifications and education acquired abroad to the systems followed in the home country.  The need is not just temporary but could only increase with the greater movement of people across international boundaries.

What seemed quite out of the ordinary in earlier days has now become main stream; that is to come across someone with a foreign qualification.  Thus, the need and requirement of an evaluation body is going to get stronger as time goes by.

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Christ Embassy And Their Statement Of Faith To The World

The statement of faith of Christ Embassy is the statement of belief of Bible as it is believed and taught by the Christ Embassy, aka Believer’s LoveWorld Inc. It is sourced from the Bible and is completely in line with the foundational principles of the beliefs of Christ. The statement of faith includes:

  1. A belief that the Bible is full of the inspired and never failing word of God.
  2. A belief that God is only one and exists in three forms- God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost.
  3. They believe in the dirty of Christ.
    • A virgin gave birth to him.
    • Holy Ghost was the one of whose he was conceived.
    • He died.
    • He rose again from dead.
  4. They believe in the eternal joy of church and re-coming of Christ.
  5. That repentance and the faith in the blood of Jesus is the only way to be cleaned of the sins.
  6. For personal salvation, it is essential to regenerate by the power of the Holy spirit through the word of God.
  7. The work of redemption of Christ on the cross makes available Divine healing for the body and salvation for the soul.
  8. He gets divine enablement for Christian service and witness when a person receives Holy Ghost.
  9. A belief in the religiously legitimate power of the Holy Ghost.
  10. A belief in the concluding resurrection of the lost to eternal judgement and the saved to eternal life.

Believer’s LoveWorld Campus Ministry – A Ministry of Hope for the Youth

Believer’s LoveWorld Campus Ministry, run by the Christ Embassy, is the arm of young ones. It is a dynamic and unique ministry called by God to play a vital role in the last time move of the spirit. Their vision to transmit God’s Divine presence to everyone in the world, demonstrating them the qualities and the strength of the spirit. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a passion to see the lives transforming by the power of God. Millions of youth across the world have been touched by this ministry and now they are dedicating their life to reach out to other youth of the world and changing their lives.

Believer’s LoveWorld Campus Ministry

A Little about Christ Embassy:

Established in the year 1990, Christ Embassy is a mega church and a Christian denomination. It was founded by Chris Oyakhilome while he was studying at Ambrose Ali University. Since then it has become the global network of churches reaching to millions of people in many countries. The headquarters of Lagos has over 40,000 believers. It was initially started as a fellowship program called Believer’s LoveWorld Fellowship and was later called Believer’s LoveWorld Inc. It runs several arms including the Rhapsody of realities, Healing school, an NGO caller InnerCity Missions for children and LoveWorld Books and Publications. It also runs three round the clock television channels namely LoveWorld Sat, LoveWorld TV and LoveWorld Plus. The TV programs features faith, healings and miracles. They organise congregations in different countries with a gathering of over 2.5 millions of people in a single night.


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