10+most Inspirational Animal and Bird tattoos designs

Birds as tattoo designs are as famous as animals. In old time bird tattoos were related specifically to sailors and fishermen. Bird tattoos are very symbolic. They have lot of meaning such as adventure and freedom. Birds in a group are a common tattoo design. Small sparrow tattoo design is good tattoo to and meaning tattoo to have.The website www.tattoosbasket.com is the best in the tattoo design and you can easily find any tattoos .


To add more meaning to your tattoo design you can add small but meaningful quotes. Such as “with brave wings she flies”, “sometimes you gotta fall before you fly”, “inhale the future exhale the past ”. Two birds opposite to each other look wonderful on any area. Complete birds or simply bird wings on chest are a great tattoo design. Many celebrities such as harry style, zany malik carries these tattoo with grace. Small Paper bird tattoo on figure is quirky and cute tattoo design. Bird in a cage gave away a message that you have to struggle hard to get freedom.

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You can add colours to your bird tattoo design to make it more charming. Bird tattoo design looks very graceful on both men and women. Most common places for this tattoo design is back, ankle, arm and wrist. Eagle is famous bird symbol. Eagle, the predator is famous for 3.6 times more powerful eyesight than human. Eagle is also related to Greek mythology. Eagle was considered as patron animal of the god Zeus. Eagle is symbol of courage and strength. Eagle tattoo on the back is very famous. Most famous places to have eagle tattoos are shoulder, back and chest.

Animal are undoubtedly the most famous tattoo designs. Animals tattoo designs are part of almost every culture we have on earth. From our very existence we have been in contact with animals. Animals are symbolic. Every animal has some major element in it which makes it different from other.


Lion, the ruler is the most used animal as tattoo design.

Lion is known for its furious and deadly animal. The most common animals in tattoo design are lion, tiger, fox, cat, dog, and elephant. Lion is a symbol of courage and you can get full inforomation here : tattoosbasket .confidence and tiger is symbol for energy and protection. Cat and dog are domestic animals. While lion, tiger and fox are shown in furious self dog and cat is show with sign of cuteness.

The big animal lion, tiger, fox are tattooed on the bigger part of body like biceps, back and chest. For domestic animal simple and cute design is prefer which covers small area on the body. Elephant is considered as a symbol of good luck charm and longevity. Fox, a clever animal is symbol of passion and desire. These animals as tattoosbasket  design are quite a sight to admire. Inked these tattoos the way you want. Watercolour tattoo design, geometrical tattoo design or a plan black ink tattoo looks are great options to have these tattoos. Aquatic animals like fish, dolphin, octopus are nice options to get aquatic animal tattoo design.

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