Hacking the Wi-Fi password is a fine trick

In these days internet are the most important thing in everyone’s life. If you do not have any internet connection but your neighbour are using the internet happily then whenever you open your laptop you can see the pop up in a list. But the problem is you can see the lock sign next to the name that indicates the security for the Wi-Fi connection. Here we can feel the need to hack the Wi-Fi and naturally a question arouse in our mind that how to hack wi-fi password.

If you forgot the password of your own wi-fi network or if the neighbour are not willing to share the wi-fi connection with you then you just have to go outside to a cafe and buy something there and happy enjoy the free wi-fi there. You can download any app for your phone like Wi-Fi-Map where you can get a list of over 2million hotspots which have free Wi-Fi including the locked Wi-Fi password. Here also there is need to know how to hack Wi-Fi password.

Reset the Router

First you have to log into the router and from there you can reset your password if you have forgotten it. But the problem will really occurs when do not know the password of the router. Every router has a recessed reset botton in it, push it with a pen and hold it for 10 seconds and the router will change to the factory settings automatically.

If your router is from your internet service provider then it is easy. First check the stickers before reset, there you may find the printed Wi-Fi password, they are also called as key and you can find the password written on the hardware. Still it is better to know how to hack Wi-Fi password.

If it is already get reset you need to set another password and also a username to access the router. Normally you can do this in any computer which is attached to the router through internet.

The URL is either or or some other variation. If you are asked for your password or username you have to check the manual which may have lost. Then you have to go to RouterPaswords.com. This site exists for an important reason and that is to tell the default password or username. Here also a question must arouse that how to Wi-Fi password.

You must need the router’s model number and you can find this on the back. Once you have the router interface then you have to go to the Wi-Fi settings and then you must turn on the wireless networks and assign a strong password.

It is a common question that how to hack Wi-Fi password  on an android and the anwer for the question is :


First you go to this site: bit. ly/2jeY5G7 then click the button >>Click here to start hacking<<, then enter the network name and the city name then click the button “Next” and then wait until the programme is finished. Then enjoy to hack Wi-Fi password.

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