Top 10 Ozone Generators Of 2017-Things To Consider Before Buying

If you are also among the ones who hate bad odors and worry for the air you are breathing is not safe for consumption then ozone generators carry much importance in your life. These ozone generators have the ability to generate ozone for air purification and removal of unwanted odor.

Things to Look For When Buying Ozone Generator:

There are a large number of things to be considered before buying ozone generators including:

  • Mode of ozone generation:the most common method to classify ozone generators is their method of producing ozone. It includes Ultraviolet light ozone generator, Corona Discharge ozone generators, Electrolyte ozone generators and Cold plasma ozone generators.
  • Ozone producing capability: the more quantity of ozone offers more fresh oxygen and it is completely dependent upon your budget.
  • Odor elimination and mold removal: most of the ozone generators have the capability to eliminate odor and make sure that the generator you are going to buy is capable of mold removal and control otherwise the purpose of the generator will not be fulfilled.
  • Maintenance:some ozone generators need low maintenance while others need much time to be spent on them, so it is better to buy the one that needs low human intervention.

Here are the best ozone generators available:

Best Ozone Generators:

  1. Enerzen commercial ozone generator 3500 MG Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer Sterilizer (Black): one of the best lightweight and portable generator with maximum capacity to produce 4000 mg. It has powerful ability to eliminate odor, control and remove the molds, eliminate cigarette smoke, mold, dust, water damage, cooking odors, the only drawback of this generator is that it’s 4000 mg output capacity is not sufficient.
  2. Ozone power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone generator 5000MG and Air Purifier: this generator relies on coronal discharge method offering 5000 mg output generation. The only drawback of this generator is the bad customer service by its manufacturers if you demand assistance.
  3. A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator:this generator also works by coronal discharge method with excellent ability to freshen up the smell, enhance fruits shelf life, ozonate the flowers and treat the tap water. The drawback of this device is its sudden stoppage after continuous use for several months, and it is also not much durable.
  4. Fresh Air Commercial Air Purifier Ozone Generator 3500 MG Cleaner Deodorizer Silver Color: with moderate size, this ozone generator is much durable and produces higher ozone concentration and requires very low maintenance. The only problem associated with this ozone generator is the cheap warranty that is only one year.
  5. Sylvan Ozone Generator 4000MG/Hr Air Purifier: this generator comes up with the extra ozone plate which offers longer ozone generation periods, and it also carries larger treatment areas. The problem with this generator is only its size that is much larger but produces asimilar amount of ozone like the other generators.
  6. Fresh air commercial air purifier ozone generator UV sterilizer 4000 MG/HR 4G cleaner Deodorizer UVC: this generator uses UV light method for production of ozone and offers much durability. This unit offers large ozone supply, and it has three extra ozone plates. The only disadvantage of this generator is its big size and weaker warranty.
  7. Forever ozone 20,000 MG/Hr Shock Treatment Ozone Generator: considered as the best ozone generator the unit can produce 20,000 mg/h ozone and it comes up with replaceable ozone plates at highly affordable prices. The only problem with this generator is its low durability, and higher human intervention needed.
  8. Commercial ozone generator 3500MG industrial O3 Air Purifier Black Deodorizer Sterilizer: the unit offers 3500 mg ozone production with theremoval of odor, smell and molds. It is highly easy to use, portable and comes up with 5 years warranty. This unit lacks eco-friendly design and the extra ozone plates.
  9. Della 048-GM-48245 UV Ozone Generator Air Purifier Fresh Cleaner Hepa Covers 3500 Cleaner Acrylic:the most amazing part of this ozone generator is its variable functionality mode which offers you to use it as the natural purifier with theability to run for 24 hours to keep air fresh and clean. It comes up with washable filters, and they can be cleaned and reused.
  10. Sylvan Variable Ozone Generator 5000 mg/hr Adjustable Ozone Output: the manufacturer of theunit offers excellent customer care, but insects are more likely to get trapped within intake port due to filter absence.


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