Top Reasons to Choose Shooting Ear Muffs

Protection from gunshot noise is the primary criterion for choosing the shooting ear muffs of top quality. Comfort, reliability, and long life of components and parts are the other reasons from the users’ perspective. Optimum value of equilibrium pressure on the external layer of the ear can ensure maximum comfort while wearing the device. This can be achieved with the help of padded head band with adjustable screws. The user will be able to use the device over extended hours without any sort of physical discomfort.

Protection Features of Shooting Ear Muffs

  • Protection from harsh noise decibels generated by gunshot can be ensured with the intelligently designed shooting ear muffs. The structure of the ear cups and the layers of noise dampening foam can ensure complete elimination of harmful noise waves. The filtered sound passing through the device to reach the ear canal is said to be absolutely harmless in all the aspects.
  • Exposure to impulsive noise of shooting can leave the effects of constant ringing within the eardrum region. This problem could be due to the sudden impact of the noise on the eardrum. Good quality shooting ear muffs not only reduce the intensity of noise, but also cut down the sharp “spikes” in each sound wave and convert them into soft sinusoidal curves. This feature can be visualized by connecting the device to a sound wave display system when it is in action. This action of the protective device helps in preventing the development of “constant ringing”.
  • Preventing the inner ear parts from getting oversensitive is another protective feature of the shooting ear muffs. The shooters need to wear them as long as they are within the training/ playing zone of shooting. A good device can prevent the damages to the inner ear parts like hair cells, hammer, anvil and the Cochlea.

Relaxing Features of Shooting Ear Muffs

Poorly designed protective shooting ear muffs may also provide protection, but they can cause irresistible irritation to the ear and head while wearing. The user can’t wear the for more than few minutes at a stretch.

  • Intelligent design of the shooting ear muffs needs to consider the pressure on the ears due to the sealing effects and the weight of the device. Hence ANSI standards recommend weight of the device to be below 10 ounces while the dimensions to be within 5.x” X 3.x” X 5.x”. A protection device which meets these two constraints can be recommended for optimum levels of comfort.
  • The flexible nature of the headband and the swivel style of ear cups can be ensured when they are fitted with rustproof screws, rather than adhesives which can restrict the movement and flexibility of adjustments.
  • Padding on the headband of the ear protection device plays an important role in keeping it firmly fixed on spot. This ensures proper balance of vacuum within the ear cups without allowing any air gaps.

 ClearArmor 141001 has come up with a wide range of shooting ear muffs which have been tested and approved to contain all the features explained above. They are certified by the ANSII and European quality testing agencies for maximum safety and comfort.


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