Features of Computerized Embroidery

Stitching is a process which was invented many centuries ago for the purpose of customizing a piece of cloth to fit the body contours of an individual. That was called a garment. As the humans started getting more conscious about their dressing and aesthetics, the word “fashion” got inserted into the dictionary of garment making. This led to the invention of sewing, embroidery and quilting. All these features were introduced into the world of garment making after the invention of the sewing machines.

Learn about Brother Se400

  • Brother was one of the earliest ventures into the world of compact sewing machines for personal needs. In the earlier part of the machine’s initiation into the market, the word sewing was almost synonym to stitching. Only the basic parts of the garment making were mechanized. The rest of the processes like embroidery and quilting were done manually. To understand thins better you need to know bit more about large scale embroidery systems.
  • With the advent of computerized systems, the concept of embroidery was automated. Large weaving mills started deploying embroidery machines which measured 6’ in length and 3’ in width. Multiple embroidery machines were installed on the same work bench to make the process faster for the mass production systems. But the process of embroidery at homes and small scale applications were still confined to manual processes.
  • When Brother Se400 introduced the concept of automated embroidery for the compact sewing machines it became a revolutionary idea being compressed to compact size. The link to the video showing the design and functional features can be found in the related site. You can click here to find out more information about the developments in technology and design of sewing machines.
  • The velvet embroidery consists of many patterns like Appliqué, eyelet, reversed appliqué and free standing designs. If you wish to implement these designs within the 4” X 4” embroidery area, you need specialized features. They are efficiently managed by the inbuilt embroidery frames of the Brother Se400.

Butterfly Embroidery Design

The design of butterfly embroidery is said to be one of the most powerful elements of fashion shows today. These designs can be effectively grafted onto any type of top and bottom garments by using the Brother Se400.

  • The recommended dimensions of the standard butterfly designs are 89mm W X 99mm H. You can use the thread color combination of 2730, 2517, 2492, 2523 and 2627 (All shades of blue, ranging from light to dark). The number of recommended stitches for this design is 16817.
  • This specific feature may not be available within the Brother Se400 inbuilt embroidery patterns. So you need to create this design using computer based software (CAD or other compatible system) into a .JPG or .BMP file. Then you can use the pen drive to add this design into the Brother Se400 system.
  • Once the design is imported you need to specify the stitching speed and direction. Optimized speed can be determined by giving the design and number of stitches as input. The system could adjust the speed and complete the task of embroidering the design according to specifications accurately.

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