Incredible Features of Brother SE400

Featuring the incredible characteristics of a high end sewing and embroidery machine like Brother could be daunting task, especially on a short video like this one.  The presenter has focused on the critical options available in the system and how they can be used to make fashionable designs and patterns. You can note down the individual options explained and do your own research about its functionality in detail. This way you will be able understand the complete design and functional parameters and parts of the machine.

Inbuilt Sewing Stitches

The combination of needle position button and presser foot lever can be used for adjusting the position of the needle with respect to the fabric. Then you can quickly move to the screen and select width and length setting option. By adjusting the width you can increase or decrease the dimension of the zigzag pattern.The machine has 67 inbuilt sewing stitches to be used readily. Yu can open them by selecting the sewing option from the main menu. The foot control is helpful in optimizing the sewing speed. The menu gives you the option for sizing the right width of stitches at runtime.

  • The machine gives you an option for making decorative stitches. This can be done by adjusting the sewing width and speed controller on the setting menu and the foot controller.
  • 1-Step-Button Hole is the automated version of stitching in which the machine stitches the entire button hole in one step. Brother offers 10 different styles for this. The Appliqué sewing stitch is a combination of three different stitches into one. Quilting sewing stitch is used to make thick padded fabric by sewing multiple layers.
  • The multiple attributes of stitching on Brother includes twin, mirror and satin stitch etc. They can be selected from the stitch icon’s navigation buttons. You can select them based on the number. Every type of stitch has its own benefits. For example triple stretch stitch can be used to sew sleeves and decorative patterns.

Inbuilt Embroidery Designs

The embroidery software in the machine helps you import external designs from the computer into it. You can perform this task by connecting the two with USB cable. This displays the machine window in the computer screen. You can drag and drop the design from the computer into the window. Then you need to open the Embroidery menu in the machine and press the USB transfer button. This menu shows all the designs which you have imported from the external sources. You can load the design into the machine’s memory and start using it.

  • The menu gives the option for selecting the color name, time, needle count, thread color number etc. There is a unique number for selecting the type of thread you are using. This will help in controlling the thread tension. For example you can choose from polyester, cotton, Madeira and rayon.
  • Once the main design is embroidered, you can opt for alphabet embroidering. For example the embroidery of Christmas tree can be given meaningful character stitch by choosing “Merry Christmas” from the alphabet character selection.

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